How to Become a Member

Saskatchewan Sign Association Membership has 3 distinctly unique classifications outlined.

Please review each membership classification and select and download the PDF for the class that best reflects your company’s interests. After completing the application form, please mail, fax or email it to us at the address below:

Sign Association of Canada

1 Yonge St #1801, Toronto, ON, M5E 1W7
Phone: 905-856-0000 • Fax: 905-856-0064

Email (SSA North):
Email (SSA South):

Member Benefits

The Saskatchewan Sign Association is dedicated to helping provide a unified front for all of its members. In working side by side with the Sign Association of Canada, we help shape our industry through education and unification.

As a unified group, we support our members in lobbying efforts to shape legislation and bylaws.

We help shape a healthy, competative spirit, within the industry ensuring we all have the opportunity to do business.

We help ensure the Saskatchewan business sector is provided with the highest quality of identification systems available

In addition to the benefits of being a member of the Saskatchewan Sign Association, you also become a member of the Sign Association of Canada with full benefits. Please visit the Sign Association of Canada for a listing of complete benefits available.

Classification 1: Manufacturers / Retailers

If you are a traditional sign shop, installer, sign service co., event display co., digital media provider, or other manufacturer or retailer who sells directly to the public.

Classification 2: Suppliers to the Industry

If you supply wholesale products to producers and manufacturers, bulk digital media packages, or other services not-for-retail.

Classification 3: All Other Associates

If you are an ad agency, graphic design or marketing agency, government agency, or other purchases of finished products.